Collection: Doors & Windows

I think that we all get caught now and again as we take a glimpse of a gorgeous window or door, the artwork and craftmenship put into it, and how it sets the tone for the house. 

 But there is more to it than just that, if one stops to think of how many people have look out that window, gone through that door, the lives these things have witnessed. 

So, I believe it to be worthy of register in this collection.

The Algarvian and Alentejo Windows are characterized by having a wide rim around it, they share this feature in commom, althought the colour they are painted in differs, the Alentejo one have usually a earth liked colours, as yellow and brown, the Algarve one althought use a strong red ocre, that is found in the soil, it's mainly found that they are painted in a very characteristic blue or all white.

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