Hello, my name is António de Sá Fragoso, known as Toya in my hometown of
Albufeira, Algarve in Portugal.

In July 2014, after suffering a car accident, I was forced to close my
pleasure boat maintenance business.

Because I've always had a love of photography, I used to love taking
photos everywhere I went and of everyone I met when I was in the Portuguese
Navy in '95 to 2003, where I owned a camera (and still do). Even then, I tried
to include something different in my shots. In 2020, during the infamous
pandemic and consequent lockdowns, I felt drawn to take some loose photos
again. I asked my mother for a digital camera and got my first digital photo
taken on February 17 (Canon 1300D), and I've loved my photographic journey ever

I've been concentrating my efforts on the technical improvements that
photography requires, but I never put aside what is fundamental to a
photograph, what sets it apart, what is immediately noticeable because it is
unique and genuine, creativity and a unique look! What conveys the essence of
the photographer! Something you simply love. 

I want to show the Algarve and the places I photograph how I feel. I
travel around the Algarve and the Alentejo taking pictures in the hope that
they will be like that. I like to highlight the Barrocal Algarvio and the
countryside, sometimes forgotten by all of us. I love photographing scenic
landscapes and yet, in the same way, I love photographing details of nature and
animal life in its day-to-day life.

On this site, I want to give you the opportunity to buy my photos in
digital format, so that you can use them personally, as a background image on
your computer or cell phone. Or order a framed and signed photograph from me.
And in doing so, travel through the Algarve countryside and coastline, and the
plains and hills of Alentejo.

I like people to like my photography. When I take a photograph, I take
it as something that reflects something of mine, very much mine. And it's nice
when someone likes something of ours!

I've had the privilege of being told things like, "I started taking
photos again because of you..."   or
“you haven't posted anything in a while, I've missed it..." also like
"...I want to take pictures like you..." and I said "No! You must
take pictures like you...!" The person looked at me in surprise, and
before she could ask any more questions, I told her. "We all have
something unique, something genuine, something that is exclusively ours,
irreproducible! What we need to do is identify it and discover how to portray
it in external form... in whatever form, be it photography, sculpture,
painting, writing, music, or poetry... and no one can do that like

Please enjoy, because I'm happy to make them available for you...


Um longo sonho que se tornou realidade

O ato de criar uma fotografia não é apenas tirar uma foto. Trata-se de capturar uma fração do tempo, trata-se de captar aquele sentimento de um olhar que alguém, de forma suspeita, lançou a uma nuvem imaginando o que ela poderia fazer, ao virarem a esquina de uma praça, um vislumbre ao passarem por pessoas no café, inclinando-se para fora a janela para ver o tempo, apressando-se sabendo que o tempo não espera por ninguém, e hoje não é para atrasos… A fotografia não é a imagem impressa no papel, é tudo o que conduz ao acto de captar um momento no tempo. Diz-se que o tempo não é físico, portanto não tem movimento, dentro de um quadro no tempo há vida, mas é o tempo que avança e não fica parado... isso é fotografia...